Simple drone care some tips and tricks

Simple drone care some tips and tricks

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2017)


Simple Drone Care.

Some simple drone care will help to keep you taking good quality video and pictures. Most of our clients at are in rural areas where red dust, gravel and stones are a major factor. Before each and every flight the drones and controllers are cleaned. The velocity at which the propellers spin at during Take Off or Landing can easily flick dirt and gravel particles into the gimbal or camera lens. Therefore using a tarp or landing pad helps to elevate this.

Cleaning items

  • A soft damp cloth. (We use Micro fiber cloths)
  • A can of compressed air or a small 12v compressor with a cleaning nozzle.

You should only use a damp cloth making sure it’s not hold a lot of water. If your drone came with a camera stabiliser it is a good idea to keep it attached while cleaning. This will save any unnecessary movement or stress on the camera or gimball mechanism. Try not use any cleaning agent unless you have really stubborn stains. If you do have some difficult stains that are hard to remove then a some mild dish washing detergent could be used. We have never needed to use alcohol based products to clean our drones.

Firstly remove the propellers from your drone/RPA/UAV.
Secondly remove the battery from your drone.

Wipe your drone all over from top to bottom with the damp cloth. Remove any dust, dirt or stubborn marks.  Once you have finished cleaning your drone check the propellers for any defects while wiping them. Replace any propellers that have defects such as cracks or jaggeder edges. Don’t use propellers that have defects. Using a damaged propeller can make your drone unstable and in turn create an unsafe working environment.

You can use your compressed air to blow the dust from the propeller motors. Make sure the propeller motors are stable, rotate freely while being properly secured to the drone body.

Battery and Remote Controller.

Use your compressed air to blow off any dust from the battery housing. Using your soft damp cloth wipe the battery removing any dirt and dust that may have accumulated. Using the same damp cloth to wipe over the drone remote controller. While cleaning the remote controller check the antenna are securely connected.

Replace the cleaned battery back into your drone. Pack your drone and other equipment up. You are now ready for your next flight.

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