Cape Peron or Point Peron Rockingham

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2017)

Cape Peron or Point Peron Rockingham

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2017)

Cape Peron or Point Peron.

Cape Peron contains the suburb of Peron which is locally known as Point Peron. Point Peron is situated at the coordinates of 32°15′55″S 115°41′10″E, Rockingham which is at the southern end of Cockburn Sound in Western Australia. A good protected beach with some limestone cliffs which allow for wide panoramic views. Most noteworthy are the offshore reefs

In 1942 to 1945 a “K” Battery complex was in place. There are several placed around various coastal regions of Western Australian. “Fortress Fremantle” was the name given for the chain of gun placements which also included Rottnest Island and Garden Island.

Most noteworthy was the importance of the Fremantle Port for logistics, ship repairs and troop movement.

Two 155mm American field guns were housed at “K” Battery.  Attached to the battery was an observation posts, numerous support buildings and troop accommodation for approximately 100 troops.

The “K” Battery never fired upon an enemy target so therefore was decommissioned in 1945. Therefore the current state of the battery lies in disrepair with the observation posts suffering from extensive structural damage due to erosion and vandalism.


Marine life at Point Peron

Point Peron is well known for its nice beach for fishing. Most noteworthy are the offshore reefs with caves. If you are prepared to go SCUBA diving there are an abundant of crayfish in deeper water. The better fishing at Point Peron tends to be north of the Car Park. Like all water sports picking the right day is essential. If you look closely you can often see pods of Dolphins frolicking and feeding at Point Peron.


Shoalwater Marine Park

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park is 50km south of Perth and includes Shoalwater Bay and Warnbro Sound. The marine park has some good recreational fishing spots. Therefore special rules will apply in some zones. Look here to know your zones before you go fishing.


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