Beverly Fields

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2017)

Beverly Fields

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2017)


Beverly Fields

The Beverly Fields are situated on the Avon River, 140km south east of Perth, Western Australia. Beverly a rural town in the Avon Valley forms part of the western, central wheatbelt region. With a population of around 1700 and a very productive broad acre farming community. The Beverly Fields can now be seen with an abundance of Wheat and Canola.

It was in 1838, Charles Simmons a Colonial Surgeon established Beverly. It was named after a northern town in Hull, Yorkshire, England. The town site of Beverly was set aside in 1831 with Charles Simmons being one of the early land owners. It wasn’t until 1843 the district was surveyed.


Avon Valley – Beverly Fields.

With the first group of settlers starting to arrive in the 1860’s. As a result by 1868 the town of Beverly was established. The Great Southern Railway was introduced to the town in 1886. This helped to grow the town substantially. By 1889 the railway linked the town of Beverly to the southern coastal town of Albany.


Water to the Beverly Fields.

With a growing population a steady water supply for the town was needed. As a result by 1908 water was introduced from the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme. By 1914 the not so sleepy town of Beverly had four hotels, four banks and a couple of bakeries among other business.

However due to better farming methods, improved transport and communications the population started to fall around the 1950’s. As a result this led to some banks and other services forced to close their doors. The region of Avon and in particular Beverly has again become popular. Mainly due to it’s close proximity to Perth and the introduction of rural residential estates opening up.


Aviation in the Beverly Fields.

The field of aviation has a strong connection within the town. With the airfield becoming the home for the Beverly Soaring Society, for the past 40 or so years. In addition the Beverly Soaring Society is one of the biggest gliding clubs in Australia with approximately 120 registered members. Club members compete at state and national levels. As a result the club holds several gliding distance, height and speed records.


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