Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The following are the Terms of Service for the upyourdrone.com.au website and business.


Deposit Required – a 50% deposit on the total invoiced work to be conducted will be required unless other arrangements have been made.

Bookings – no booking will be accepted unless the 50% deposit has been paid 48 hrs before work is due to commence or other arrangements have been made.

Invoice – the invoice provided to the client will form part of the contractual agreement. The invoice shall state any special terms and conditions, if any, are required for the particular work to be carried out.

Cancellation – All cancellations should be made 48 hrs prior to any work to be carried out. Failing to notify of the intended cancellation by the required period will incur 20% fee. The fee will be calculated from total invoiced work to be carried out.

Postponement – All deposits paid maybe held if a client decides to postpone the invoiced work to another date.  If the client decides to cancel the invoiced work while already being postponed a 20% fee will be deducted from the total invoiced work to be carried out unless prior arrangements have been made.

Charges – All Bank, Financial Institute or Payment Service charges shall be passed onto the client unless the charges already form part of the Cancellation and Postponement fee.

Refund – while every effort will be made to satisfy a clients request, from time to time it may be necessary to provide a full refund. To request a refund please complete the Contact Form.

Final Payment – No video or images will be released until Final Payment has been received or other arrangements have been made. In trying to keep the costs to our customers to a minimum, payment at the present time is only accepted via bank deposit.  Bank account details will be supplied at the time of invoicing.

Video and Images – All video and images will be made available on either DVD, USB drive or as a Download unless other arrangements have been made.

Flight Conditions – outside the normal flying criteria set by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) the following conditions may also hinder flying a Drone/UAV on any day. Heavy Fog, Rain, Falling Snow, Strong Winds and Dust Clouds.



All terms of service are provided in good faith and may be revised as required. Please be sure to revisit our Terms of Service from time to time.