Additional Charges

Additional Charges

At we strive to bring drone video services to the regional areas of Western Australia at a reasonable cost, by trying to keep charges to a minimum.

“Indicative Pricing” has been used and additional chargers may be required that fall outside the four options offered.

To help elevate travel costs a fully equipped mobile van with video editing facilities can be used, if two or more customers are booked together. Both customers must fall within a 50km radius of each other. The travel charges incurred can then be split between the two customers.

The second customers invoiced contract must be equal to or greater than the first customers invoiced contract.


Post Production

There is no audio produced by drone video. Therefore if “Royalty Free” background music is not used, additional charges may apply to acquire the appropriate music.

Any professional voice over work outside of what can be done at may incur additional charges.



Sometimes permits are required to fly in certain areas such as National Parks. All permits may incur additional charges.